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Foremost Guitar Lessons in the local area

Do you dream of playing the guitar like Jimi Hendrix? Do you enjoy Slash or are you more of an Ed Sheeran fan? If you are convinced that playing the guitar is your passion or you want to try something new, come to Royal Star Music Academy. We are located in the local area and are opening new private or group classes every day. Contact us now through our booking form to book an introductory lesson today.

Private or Group lessons

We offer affordable private and group lessons so you can embrace your skills playing those strings, no matter if you would like to do it in the presence of other passionate musician-learners in a group class or on your own. The advantage of a private class, of course, is that it allows you more control over the pace of the lessons as well as the songs, techniques, and scales you’ll be learning.

Guitar Learning Proces

If you’re a complete beginner, don’t fret! Our trusted instructors can start from the very beginning, helping you with finger placement, understanding different chords, and eventually, scales and other aspects of music theory. As you improve, the lessons will scale with your increased ability and we’ll be able to tailor your instruction to your taste – that way, we’ll help to stave off boredom


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Guitar Lessons

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